Gori Propellers

Probably the best folding propellers on the market. Less resistance while sailing, more thrust in reverse and unique overdrive function with 3 and 4 blade propellers.

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“Gori Propeller” is considered to be the best folding propeller for sailboats. Top-quality workmanship from the highest quality materials, excellent performances and exceptional robustness are the convincing features. The highest level of surface finish ensures minimal resistance and optimal hydromechanical properties.

Probably the best folding propeller for your sailboat, you can calculate in the next click on the website (link below) and if you decide to buy, we will deliver your "Gori Propeller" within 4-5 days.

If you choose a 3-blade propeller, the changes in driving your boat will be obvious:

- increased thrust in reverse

- reduced noise level at same speed

- up to approx. 20% reduction in fuel consumption at the same speed in overdrive

- significantly reduced propeller resistance when sailing

Gori produces 2-, 3-bladed and 4-bladed propellers.

The 3-blade propeller is our specialty. The patented design allows it to operate both forward and reverse, like a real three-bladed fixed propeller. However, if the "overdrive" (second angle of incidence) is used when driving forward, the boat reaches the usual cruising speed at 20-25% less speed and with correspondingly less noise and fuel consumption.